Dec 2019
The 9th edition of India’s largest Residential Traders Conference begins in
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Welcome to our first bilingual conference at Coimbatore this December

This December, come to Coimbatore to the FIRST EVER Bilingual TCx event! Our first foray into the diversity of our nation! Come to meet, interact with and learn from some of India’s top professional traders over two days in hugely interactive sessions in English and Tamil! Its time to crash the linguistic boundaries!

Topics covered over the two day residential conference  include the following:

Trend following

Options based strategies (long only) – For those trading with lesser capital

Complex paired options based strategies (both long and short) – For those with relatively higher capital

Long only Equity

  • This outreach Conference is aimed squarely at those  looking to achieve Consistency in  profitability without  linguistic limitations.


We will strive to have adequate time for all speakers to explain their strategies in detail, have time for questions. And the best part is since the Conference happens on two market days, any trade setups triggered on both days, including expiry day trading on Thursday will also be highlighted by the presenters with adequate explanation.

Some key points about the December Conference:

The event is across two market days, Thursday and Friday – 19 & 20 Dec 2019. And includes live expiry day Trading on Thursday by our experts as well as detailed practical illustrations of trade setups on Friday.

Post market hours will be used for strategy discussions and meet and greet networking between speakers and participants

And finally, Traders Carnival endeavours to bring you a curated list of  thought leaders  –  all professional traders who are willing to chip away at the obstacles, cut through the noise.  And WIN it unequivocally. At the Carnival, you  get to meet, interact with and learn from them,  their secrets. And it is a residential conference, so time limits be dammed.


Oh his session in Goa was amazing! Would be great to catch up with him at Coimbatore. I am sure he will share some super insights in his presentation @Traderscarnival @MashraniVivek https://t.co/OIhgEwFFth

Ram Kumar, another Trader from Bangalore with 7 years in the markets, signs up for the #TCx Masterclass. At this rate, we may well be advised to have a Caravan - Bangalore to Coimbatore - for what may be a lovely road trip. Morning, have a lovely day ahead all.

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Abid Hassan
Professional Trader, Options strategy evangelist, Kerala - AKA ‘Sensibull’


Professional Options Trader, Chennai

Jai Bala
Professional Trader, Singapore

Manikandan Ramalingam
Professional trader, Chennai

Sivakumar Jayachandran
Professional Options Trader, Bangalore

Gaurav Bissa
AVP - Technicals and Derivatives

Vivek Mashrani
TechnoFunda Strategies

– Founder of www.technofunda.co.in – created to empower retail investors through time tested knowledge resources of Fundamental & Technical analysis

– Chartered Financial Analyst (Virginia, USA) and an active member of Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP)

– MBA with specialization in Capital Markets from NMIMS, Mumbai

– Have been investing in capital markets more than 10 years now using Fundamental and Technical analysis; Has published many articles, research papers and has been speaker across various investing forums

– Passionate about TechnoFunda investing, books, traveling, swimming, yoga, and meditation

– Lives in Bangalore

Twitter handle :  @MashraniVivek

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