Welcome to the 14th Edition of Traders Carnival at Goa – March 2021

 Welcome to the 14th Edition of Traders Carnival at Goa – March 2021

Traders Carnival – The Alila Diwa Goa – 25 to 27 March 2021

It all began on 26th October 2012 at Bangalore, the first Edition of Traders Carnival. 8 years and 13 Editions later, we are pleased to now announce the 14th Edition of the Carnival at The Alila Diwa Goa, A Hyatt 5 Star deluxe Resort.

Dates are 25 to 27 March 2021. Event format – Residential

We have some exciting stuff for you at Goa this March.

Apart from the usual Carnival favourites of scenic location, great food, excellent networking and learning opportunities, you have the unique chance to learn exceptional and effective trading and investing strategies from a carefully curated list of India’s best traders and investors.

An exciting new vertical has been added at Goa.



How to both trade them and add it as an asset class into your portfolio.

You also have a chance to access cutting edge tools and services, effectively priced, brought to you by some of India’s top corporates. Designed to give you that edge for consistent profits.

And since we are hosting the 4th Carnival at Goa after 2014, 2018 and 2019, there is a chance to visit the Casino at Goa, (Technically, the Casino is in international waters, a short 7 minute ride by a feeder boat from Panjim) spend the night, play the tables, and have fun. All this at negotiated discounted pricing, same as was done during the 2018 Carnival. Thanks to Varinder Bansal, Speaker at the Goa Carnival in 2018 for the discounts. This is available as an option, and you need to arrange travel logistics on your own. ProTip – The Goa Miles App on IOS/Android

So what do we have at Goa in 2021? Yes, some exhilarating stuff, immersive discussions over 2 nights and 3 days.

  • Watch how the experts handle expiry day trading. LIVE. Monthly expiry.
  • How to achieve consistency in Banknifty Futures Trading
  • Learn from a seminal ace how to blend Technical and Fundamentals to increase your profits over the long term
  • Metrics to use and information you need to know while adding Cryptocurrencies as an asset class to you Portfolio – Yes, for the first time at the Carnival, a new vertical.
  • RBI regulations to understand before dealing in Cryptocurrencies
  • Yes, get easy access and all information to an asset class that has performed exponentially over the last 3 years compared to Banknifty. Or Crude.

Icing on the cake – 2 possible All nighters for AMAs on 2 topics that are of relevance to all. One on Equity and the other on Cryptocurrency

Is there something we left out? Do leave a comment on twitter at @traderscarnival

We would be happy to add it to the list, bandwidth permitting.

Look forward to seeing you at Goa in March. Here is to interesting time at Goa. After all, what happens at Goa stays in Goa. Paraphrasing the Las Vegas bit here freely.

Go register here – https://traderscarnival.com/online-registration/

Reach out to us on twitter at @traderscarnival for any queries.

With Best Regards


Dharmaraj Janakiram

Founder-CEO at Traders Carnival