Over the years Traders Carnival has been a melting pot of various types of traders. From intra-day to swing to directional to options, the carnival has featured some of the most popular names in the game. 

Keeping in with the times this year’s Traders Carnival features the toast of the season – Algo Trading. The carnival will showcase live trading with both man and machine in action on expiry day. 

Algo traders will be displaying their strategies live on expiry day to match the skills of popular expiry day traders like Vishvesh Chauhan and Siva, both of whom have previously presented their skills at Goa and Coimbatore. While Siva is a scalper trading in and out within minutes, Vishvesh trades with a slightly higher time horizon that may extend from hours to days.

Apart from live trading, participants can interact with some of the best names in the industry like Gaurav Bissa, one of the finest technical analyst who frequently shares patterns that he sees on the charts. A trend follower and a reversal analyst, Gaurav will be talking on strategies using Harmonics and Ichimoku. 

The Traders Carnival to be held between March 05-07 at Jaipur will feature local talent as well.  – Kusal Kansara and Rishikesh.  Though based out of Mumbai, Jaipur is a second home for Kusal. An algo trader, he has build trading infrastructure for algorithmic trading systems and contributed towards the development of execution strategies. He has created various proprietary indicators and statistical models to generate alphas that outperform the benchmark, beating the market volatility. Managing a big proprietary portfolio Kusal has an enviable track record making returns in a month which many funds find it hard to do in a year. 

Rishikesh, a 30 year old whizkid from Jaipur underwent losses for 6 straight years from 2009 to 2015 where he turned things around dramatically by following Position sizing and Risk Management tenets.  It is easy to see why he would talking about these two topics in detail at the Jaipur Carnival. Takeaways for attendees – Traders can learn and internalise from Rishi’s experiences and lessons from his failed attempts. 

Speaking for the first time at the Carnival will be Rishikesh Singh, a popular trader from Jaipur who tweets using the handle @Rishikesh_ADX _  follow Price Action, Moving Average & ADX to find high probability trades with proper risk management and position sizing. 

Since the event is Spread out over three days, it offers an opportunity for participants to interact, learn and get their doubts cleared by experts like Ashish Patel. Ashish manages his positions in the markets using the Elliot wave as his primary tool. But he combines other common technical patterns and momentum indicators along with Elliot Wave to fine-tune his strategy.

Also, a popular twitter handle @indian_stockss who in the real world is called Deepak Thakran, will be a speaker in the carnival. Among the small breed of traders who trade for a living Deepak is a price action trader who uses only price behaviour as his guide. An intra-day trader, he is the shadow lurking in the dark to pounce on a stock when it is at its most vulnerable point. 

A name synonymous with Nifty levels – Kapil Tandon, an ace trader will be talking on the mechanics of the support and resistance. Kapil’s previous talks at Delhi and Goa are still talked about for their sheer brilliance of his views on almost all asset classes.

The Jaipur Traders Carnival is a buffet of traders and trading strategies. There is something for everyone’s taste. Like all carnivals, the biggest advantage is to network and rub shoulders with other traders and the opportunity to get the secret sauce that can change your life.

Icing on the cake for participants at Jaipur 

Two juicy topics as part of Panel Discussions moderated by Gaurav Bissa and DJ


  1. Intraday trading vs Positional Trading
  2. Options buying vs Options selling

Practitioners of the craft on both sides would be debating these discussions though not hotly ???? 

Traders Carnival has always been a residential conference since inception in 2012. The reason is not difficult to understand. Traders need more time to brainstorm, discuss ideas, strategise and more. The Carnival nights go on well beyond midnight. 

It appears a celebration of the Traders Craft will likely take place at Jaipur this March. 

Those interested to participate may register at

Traders Carnival events are brought to you by Rekha  and Dharmaraj Janakiram –  usually called  DJ  – with passion, diligence and a lot of love. DJ  says  he has received a lot of  help from some great friends made over the years at the Carnival.