Memories of another day – Goa

 Memories of another day –  Goa

A new day. New challenges.

While we bask in the glow of a successful event that was cherished by all at the Goa Carnival, we thought we could take a breather to assimilate and evaluate what happened during the 3 days that went by.

A lot of learning, making new friends, learning new strategies, humongous networking and most of all, great fun.

For us, it was a fantastic experience, with some interesting outliers, Premium National business media covered the event LIVE on the ground at Goa, leading to a vast national and international reach for the Carnival.

Thank you, Manoj Nagpal, Kshitij Anand, Shail Bhatnagar, Pankaj Parashar, Navneet Mandal it was great having your crew cover our event LIVE giving us national visibility and with the digital stream, spread the Carnival wings across international shores too.

Yes, it was great having MoneycontrolPRO and CNBC Awaaz bring out the salient parts of the Carnival through podcasts and candid video snippets to a wider national and international audience.

A quick numbers snapshot of the Carnival – 210 attendees at Goa, 1605 attendees from online. While these numbers by themselves may not mean much, for us, it simply means one thing.

Ever since we started Traders Carnival in 2012 on a cold October morning in Bangalore, this Goa Carnival has simply been the BIGGEST in terms of participation, and we have Moneycontrol PRO and CNBC Awaaz to thank for the huge support in terms of great visibility.

Here are some points of interest at the Goa Carnival


  1. Made a few connections between Investors and Fund Managers. Due diligence process is now on and results should be known in the next few days.
  2. Codes for Moneycontrol PRO subscriptions at discounted rates have been provided to attendees at the Carnival
  3. 8 years of Traders Carnival Conferences, and I made my first ever Tech Presentation at Goa along with a die-hard Crypto SME, a Carnival regular and good friend Pradeep Simhan