The 6 day Carnival at Goa this year. Some updates.

 The 6 day Carnival at Goa this year. Some updates.

The 16th Edition of Espresso Traders Carnival begins in 24 days. Here are a few highligths on the riveting and potentially life changing event for professional traders and hobbyists by the sunny beaches of South Goa this March.

First up, most of the loyal followers of Traders Carnival, (ardent fans, if i may) have signed up for the longest Carnival ever. Since inception in on a cold Bangalore morning in 2012.

To sweeten the pot, they are bringing along a few of their friends to Goa too. Goa, of course, is the evergreen party destination where India is concerned. We have always said it. The more, the merrier.

Geordie Pottas, a regular at the Carnival, an accomplished Investor turned Trader termed the Goa edition of the Carnival as ‘Freedom from 2 year Covid Induced Jaildom’ So Goa turns out to be a welcome release for folks who havent stepped out of their home cities. A kind of freedom from isolation fatigue as well. Whatever. Welcome back, folks!

There are a few regulars at the Carnival, one of who has never been photographed (at least willingly). This attendee, now a good friend and well-wisher also sponsored something at the Bangkok Carnival in 2016. Yes, you guessed it. Beverages. Hic!