Vijay thakkar


Vijay is one of us:

A quintessential ‘rags to riches’ story.

A common Middle-class man who struggled through multiple jobs to

finally find his passion of Investing in the Stock Market. He transformed his Passion into a

Business. He is a self-taught Investor with a goal to teach India how to become independent,

how to become Aatmanirbhar, and use the Stock Market as an instrument for financial


While there are many strategies that work for different traders, his own specialty is to

Master Price Action Analysis. That single-minded focus is responsible for his success over

the years leading to his Mantra, Master In One.

Vijay Thakkar is an avid trainer who is passionate about teaching Technical Analysis both

offline and online. He believes the key skills to manage and understand the Stock Market

can be learned by anyone through easy and simple techniques.

He recently has started a Series on YouTube #MastersInOne where he invites Traders of

various instruments of the Stock Market to come share their Strategies and Stories to

further educate India.

He strongly believes in the philosophy of Less Is More.

He can be found at

And like the great fast West Indian fast bowlers in the 80s and 90s who hunted in pairs, Vijay forms a nice pair in terms of genre in the investing/trading space with Puneet Singh at the Bangalore Carnival this March.

Takeaways for Carnival participants at Bangalore from Vijay



The First one being the most obvious that based on Price Action and Volume Analysis you can Buy the Equity, Pledge the Stock and Fund the Derivative Trades.

The Second and more Beneficial one is a Derivative Trader can use the Same Price Action and Volume Analysis of a Stock and apply that to either Sell or Buy Options based on his preference, or even hedge one’s Equity Portfolio.