Jitendder Singh

Turtle Trader with a Sniper Rifle!

Jitendder Singh is a Graduate in Economics (Bronze medalist), and then went on to do his MBA. He also completed the DataBase Administrator Course from Oracle Corp, USA. From the beginning, he had passion for reading & a creative bent of mind. He had started his career as a Copywriter in an ad agency & post MBA worked in multinationals like Groupe Pernod Ricard, in India handling Brand management and Marketing. Thereafter he started his own firm, which was involved in setting up of BPO’s & supplying Solutions & Manpower to them. In between, he also started a Construction firm and undertook some independent projects. He was introduced to the world of trading in 2006, and now has a trading experience of 16 years under his belt. Expert in Psychology, its development & management, disciplined execution his main forte. He trades in derivatives ie options & futures. A genuine trader who has undergone the actual journey from losses to actual profits, he believes in practical solutions that work, rather than mere theory.

Twitter id : @jitendder33