Dr. Seema Jain

Trainer and Life coach

Dr. Seema Jain - (Ph.D. IIT Delhi) is an active trader and investor in the stock market. She is a hard core educationist, trainer and Life coach. Dr. Seema Jain is amongst the very few women traders who are SEBI Registered and Research Analyst in the stock market. Her forte is to identify stocks which are in their initial stages, are hidden from the public eye and are ready to become mutlibaggers.

For example; ATGL (recommended a buy at 390), AAVAS Finance(buy recommended at 650), EMAMIPAP, TATA ELEXI ( She recommended a ‘buy’ at 1900) are some of the recent multibagger stocks which have given huge returns over time.

Dr. Seema Jain also successfully runs an educational YouTube channel, where she has created more than 1000+ free educational videos on the stock markets. Dr. Jain, with a very strong social media presence, has also published 5000+ research reports on the stock markets.

She is dedicated to research and analysis of stocks for the past 20 years. She is extremely passionate about education on investing correctly in the stock market.

Dr. Jain is also the founder and chief mentor at Stock Pro, India's one of the prominent stock market online training institutes.
Her forte is to understand and read price and predict possible breakout stocks by using technical, fundamental analysis and combining it with technological tools.

Dr Jain says "Stock Market is a very dynamic place where the scenario changes every minute, so one has to keep upgrading and evolving their skills with changing times". Dr. Seema Jain not only trades in Indian Market but analyzes and trades in international markets also.

Dr. Seema Jain has trained and empowered over 10,000 people in the stock market over a period of time who have transformed their lives and turned into professional stock market traders or investors.

Her work has been acknowledged and featured by several news, media organizations such as ANI, UStimesNow, Economic Times, Business World, Business Standard, Entrepreneur.com etc.

Come, spend 3 days with Dr Seema Jain and 10 other brilliant traders who are masters of their craft, have spent nearly a lifetime learning their trade and will happily share with you their secrets.