Co-founder of Traders Carnival

Officially known as Dharmaraj Janakiram, DJ prefers to be called as such by his friends (and even
his enemies). The co-founder of Traders Carnival along with his enigmatic wife Rekha, DJ has
pioneered the residential conference market in India for a decade, working ceaselessly to conduct
Carnivals around the country and abroad on a regular basis. He believes in constantly evolving in
the process of providing greater value to anyone associated with Espresso Traders Carnival.
DJ’s current passion is in the DeFi crypto space, where he loves to invest in the latest, cutting edge
projects before anyone else cashes in on them. His uncanny knack for finding these diamonds in
the rough, ROI dApps, and AI-assisted trading bots has resulted in him achieving a daily ROI of
1.5% for over 99 consecutive days and counting.
DJ is also available to consult in the DeFi space for those with a capital of $200k and above.
At Espresso Traders Carnival 2022, DJ will share with attendees how exactly to follow his strategy
and make the same amazing ROI he’s currently raking in.