Shijumon Antony

Shiju is a full time trader and mentor in Bank Nifty weekly options with over 10 years of experience in the markets. While his trading is limited only to one instrument, he has diversified his trading by doing option buying and writing, both directional and non-directional. So the art of trade selection provides and opportunity in same index in any kind of market. Focusing more on trading skills and trading psychology has helped him generate unconventionally high returns consistently. Some of the expiry trading strategies are unique which were demonstrated during the Goa Espresso Traders Carnival.

At the Bangalore Traders Carnival, Shiju will be talking about the most underrated but very important aspect of trading, which is trading skills. While most people focus on Analysis, prediction, and strategies, only few focus on trading skill backed by right psychology and EQ. Unless one is a completely automated algo trader, these factors differentiate the winners from losers.

Shiju made a 50% ROI on his capital during the last one hour of trade during LIVE expiry at the Goa Carnival.

Will lightning strike twice? Join us at the Bangalore Carnival this July 26 and find out. Meet Shiju and other Super Traders over 4 days to discuss markets, Trading Ideas and more!