Speaker Spotlight – Santosh Pasi at the Espresso Traders Carnival Conference at Goa

 Speaker Spotlight – Santosh Pasi at the Espresso Traders Carnival Conference at Goa


Santosh Pasi

Professional Trader

Options Oracle | Options based strategies | Algo Strategies


Santosh, a veteran trader with over 15 years experience is back as a speaker. This time at the Espresso Traders Carnival Conference over 6 days by the sunny beaches of Goa in March 2022 and we are delighted to welcome him back.

A brief look into his profile, expertise and what you can expect with interacting with him at Goa.


Mr. Santosh Pasi is an option trader and trainer.
He is the founder of Pasi Technologies [ www.pasitechnologies.com ]
He is co-founder of SonicAlpha [ www.sonicalpha.com ]

He has been a trader in the Indian stock markets with an overall experience of 15 years, specializing in Options Trading while focusing on volatility.
He is a non-directional option strategy trader, considering volatility as an edge using both system (algo trading) and discretionary.
He manages the tool OptionsOracle, an options strategy analysis tool, widely used by most options traders in India.
He has been conducting Option Trading workshops all pan India.
He has been conducting Live Trading Sessions on various platforms.
He has also trained over 1000+ participants across India and other parts of the world.
He has worked in India, UK, and the USA.



When he is not actively trading or devising new options based strategies, he can be found participating in such adventure sports such as scuba diving, bungee jumping, or falling out of an airplane like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. His mission, if he chooses to accept it, is to simply have fun. And no, this message will not self destruct within 5 seconds. This is for those crazy MI fans like myself 🙂



Come, interact with Santosh and other star traders during the 6 day Carnival at Goa in March. He is a passionate researcher into all things options and those serious about devising or customising options strategies would do well to spend some time with him.


Santosh is very comfortable in English and Hindi, talks Options extremely well. He lives with his family at Mumbai.

He joins a renowned list of eminent super traders at Goa making the Carnival experience more memorable. As for ROI, do come check it out, it could be your best Conference experience this year.


Register here to join the 6 day long festival at Goa in March. Early bird pricing applies till 2nd Feb 2022.

36 days to go!



Look forward to catching up (again) at Goa in March


With Best Personal Regards