Speaker Announcement – Vivek Mashrani

 Speaker Announcement – Vivek Mashrani


Speaker Announcement – Vivek Mashrani – Techno Funda Investing

Vivek Mashrani is an one of the few successful exponents of TechnoFunda investing and so is uniquely qualified to talk about this topic.


A soft spoken master of his craft, the F1 and F2 buttons on his keyboard are not necessarily ORDERS to his broker. Rather, Vivek may likely convey them as ‘requests’

However, one cannot mistake this equanimity for mildness.

Over the years, Vivek has been very successful in spotting numerous multi baggers – His key strength is identifying fundamentally strong stocks based on a few carefully chosen metrics , and applying technicals to time his entries and timely exits. This is what he will be sharing during his presentation at Goa this March. And of course, like all speakers, he would also be available for the duration of the event so you can get your queries answered.


Vivek is the founder of www.technofunda.co.in , tweets at @MashraniVivek and lives in Bangalore.

He is passionate about Techno-Funda investing, books, travelling, swimming, yoga and meditation

One of his numerous picks based on his studies which turned out to be a multibagger was Vinati Organics way back in 2010. He entered at 67 and 90 levels. At the time of writing, the stock is trading on the NSE at 1320. Happy to share that Vivek is still holding this stock.

Come, meet, interact and learn these secrets from Vivek and other stellar traders over three days in a sun kissed sand and beach setting this March.

Register here – https://traderscarnival.com/online-registration/

Look forward to seeing you at Goa soon!


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