Speaker Announcement – History repeats -again- Sivakumar Jayachandran (Siva)

 Speaker Announcement – History repeats -again- Sivakumar Jayachandran (Siva)


It is a pleasure for us at the Carnival to invite back Siva as speaker, this time at Goa. Sivakumar Jayachandran, known by friends as ‘Siva’. Also known by his followers as the ‘Master Scalper’

A brief introduction to Siva and the work he has been doing in the last few years.

• Prior to his entry into the capital markets, Siva was an entrepreneur in the health care BPO Industry where he ran a company with 800 employees

• He is an NISM certified professional for equity derivatives and has been featured by Moneycontrol as a Star Trader in October 2019. He was interviewed on the sidelines of the Traders Carnival Conference at Goa in August 2019.

• Siva Belongs to that rare breed of Traders in India who has been consistently profitable buying options over the years.

• Siva manages an account of Rs 1.5 Cr capital *buying* options with a monthly ROI of 15%. A lakh of INR a day in profits buying options is not unheard of with him.

• At the Goa Carnival starting within the next 2 weeks, Siva will talk about his options strategy, tools used, ideal entries, stop losses to set, and exits. Get to know the strategies and secrets of this Master Scalper from Bangalore.

• Over time, Siva has mentored a good number of Traders. We are fortunate to have one of his mentees, Vijay Thakare as both a speaker and an Expiry LIVE Trading Exponent at the Goa Carnival.

The Goa Carnival provides a rare opportunity for all of those at Goa to witness LIVE, a unique jugalbandi between Mentor and protege both trading the markets LIVE during the monthly expiry on 25 March 2021. Add the crown jewel, Asit Baran Pati and other brilliant traders, and the combination becomes an absolute killer.

• Siva lives with his family in Bangalore.

ps: And, this March would be a deja vu of sorts. There are some dark horses who will also be part of the LIVE trading. There could be one such ‘anonymous’ trader from Coimbatore trading the expiry in a quiet corner, like Siva himself was, at the Goa Carnival a couple of years back. What do they say about history repeating itself.


Welcome home, Siva.