Speaker Announcement – Asit Baran Pati – ~Professional Sharpshooter

 Speaker Announcement – Asit Baran Pati – ~Professional Sharpshooter




Asit Pati Baran – Option Buying Strategies

After Jaipur in March 2020, we at Traders Carnival are super excited to invite Asit Baran Pati for the second time as a speaker at Traders Carnival, this time at Goa

This Gurgaon based, unassuming, former banker has made a career as a highly successful FNO Trader. . After a 12 years’ stint in the Investment Banking space (Bank Am/UBS) he has found his niche in trading. Asit uses a proprietary Ranking Study and his own system to take Intraday and Overnight positions as well as some Index Scalping mostly as an Options Buyer. Asit has seen a return of more than 80% this year and hopes to achieve 100% by the end of the financial year.

Apart from spending time with his family, Asit loves listening to music and travelling.

Asit is an audiophile and loves listening to varied range of music from Modern Western Classical to Classic Rock, Pop and even some EDM and also to Ghajals of Jagjit Singh and the music of AR Rahman.

In short, apart from his trading secrets, we could also have an AMA with Asit at Goa on Music.

At Goa, Asit will be sharing his Option Buying strategies with the help of Data and Technical Analysis. He will also discuss how he uses Delta & Gamma as part of his arsenal.

To sum up, Asit is more like a professional assassin lining up his sights for perfect trade setups before pulling the trigger.

Come, meet and learn those secrets from Asit Pati at Traders Carnival Goa spread over three days surrounded by the Majorda Beach at South Goa, great food and huge brainstorming opportunities. And supercharge your trading to higher levels of consistency.


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