13 Carnivals in 8 years and this is easily one of the most impressively presented Speaker profiles we have come across.

For Aniruddha ‘Dean’ a seminal expert of Market Profile, VSA and Order Flow, life has just begun. He just turned 40.

Main Endeavours:

Trading the markets using his Dean Trading Framework.

Sharing his learnings with interested traders via Dean Trading Framework.


What he considers himself good at

He has been trading since 2005. From the buying climax in early 2008 to the crushing fall that followed and then a smart recovery and bull market since 2009, hewas fortunate to witness all facets of markets.

He started like any other trader with the “default set of indicators” but soon progressed to other “advanced tools” like Elliott wave, Price Action, etc. Struggled with them for years.

Until he came across Market Profile and everything changed. Market Profile has given a novel perspective of looking at the markets. Since he ended his struggle, he wants to share the message with anyone who cares to listen.

He feels if one really wants to make a difference in one’s trading and become consistently profitable trader, giving Market Profile a fair chance is a must.

What will he cover at Traders Carnival Goa, this March


Brief overview of Dean Trading Framework, explaining the importance of each step in it…

  • Wyckoff Market Cycles & Schematics, Auction market Theory, Innovation Adoption Curve.
  • Market Profile & VSA for current context.
  • Trade Preparation Process for next trade.
  • Understanding & Picking your time frame.
  • A couple of examples of trades taken using the Dean Trading Framework.

Key Takeaways from Aniruddha Dean at Traders Carnival, Goa…

He believes real progress for a trader happens in this order…

Step 1: Improved market understanding…
Step 2: Which leads to better decision making…
Step 3: Which in turn leads to reduced trading mistakes…

Step 4: Which props up one’s overall trading profitability… Dean Trading Framework helps a Trader in all four steps.

Step 1: learning advanced Technical Analysis concepts like Wyckoff Market Cycles & Schematics, Auction Market Theory, Innovation Adoption Curve.

Step 2: Using Market Profile & VSA to understand current context under which the markets are developing.

Step 3: Learn and improve from every mistake one makes from now on.

Step 4: Have patience and understand that wealth is built over generations and that’s the kind of wealth that lasts.

His Trading Journey over the years…


Aniruddha’s Other Interests

Keen interest in cinematography. He is currently putting in a lot of effort to become good at it.

Reading, but books related to his interests only.

An avid cricket aficionado. And a big Virat Kohli fan.

Digital Media Partner at Traders Carnival, Goa