Speaker Spotlight: Sivakumar Jayachandran At Espresso Traders Carnival 16th Edition – Goa, March 2022

 Speaker Spotlight: Sivakumar Jayachandran At Espresso Traders Carnival 16th Edition – Goa, March 2022

Sivakumar Jayachandran Sivakumar Jayachandran


This man, an uncanny Trader from Bangalore has redefined the art of Scalping. He has spent countless hours and years perfecting his setups, entries and exits. We have watched him at work on Expiry days during the last 5 Carnivals as he, in his inimitable style, thrilled the crowd with his craft. We are delighted to invite Siva back as Speaker for a record breaking 6th time at Espresso Traders Carnival, by popular demand. Come watch the Master Scalper show you how he works his magic, spend 6 days with him at Goa in March and see him in action during Expiry and on other trading days, ask him questions about his methods, strategy and secrets.

As one can easily believe from his unmatched skills at Scalping, Siva loves Speed. Fast cars. and fast trades.



Seen in pic – Siva behind the wheel of a Ferrari at the Singapore F1 Circuit on his last trip there. Yes, he loves speed.

Originally from Chennai, and now based at Bangalore, Siva, after a few meetings at Mumbai, once drove from Mumbai to Chennai with just 2 stops after he had promised his Wife and Son he would have breakfast with them the next morning. Such is his penchant for fast cars.

And his trades usually last minutes, as have been seen during various expiry sessions at the last few Carnivals.

Siva has planned to provide a complete workshop on HOW to use OIPulse – Smart tools for smart traders. Maybe an interesting all nighter during the Carnival. Yes, Adult beverages included of course.


Add to this two nights of exclusive Partying at the beach with games, music, dancing, a professional DJ, coupled with exciting giveaways and more.

Like they say, its Goa after all, and what happens at Goa, stays at Goa!

The markets, coupled with a true Carnival setting with the sun, sand and the beach.

Here is a pro trip for you.

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Register here today and join the madness at Goa with hundreds of Traders from all over




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Looking forward to catch up over the Goa Carnival in March.

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