Join an exciting 25 year old BNF Trader from Bangalore and 200+ others at Goa in March

 Join an exciting 25 year old BNF Trader from Bangalore and 200+ others at Goa in March

Pranav, another 25 year old Whizkid from Bangalore joins the Goa Carnival.

He appears to be a multi skilled guy with various interests

ICYMI, Nithin, another 25 yo Crypto Trader had registered for the Carnival a few days back. Link here

25 year old brilliant traders seem to be creeping out of the woodwork now at the Goa Carnival

Pranav has trekked the Himalayas, represented Mysore in Badminton and has been a trader for 4 years now.

(Rekha and I climbed the Himalayas in 2017 too. With a tiny difference. It was on a 30 seater aircraft meant for sightseeing. Pure semantics)

He is an aggressive option seller and has had a consistently decent track record for the last 4 years.

Prior to entering the markets, he has worked with Bosch designing Inverters for electric cars.

Yes, we did tell you he has multiple skills 🙂

The Carnival is looking at him and others like him with a keen eye for further association going forward. Where we can bring our respective skills to the table, synergise, collaborate and come out with something that solves a real life problem.

Come, join Pranav and 200 other passionate and aggressive Traders from India at Goa this March over the 6 day Carnival. Should be fun. After all, peer to peer networking is a very powerful concept where you exchange ideas with each other. And the Carnival exemplifies that. From 2012 since inception.

Did we say you would get at least 15 Trading ideas from the experts? We must have.

Register here today to join the Goa Carnival, prices increase from midnight of tomorrow.




Look forward to catching up at Goa in 17 days time.

With Best Personal Regards


Rekha and DJ