Greetings, folks.

Trust all of you and your families are well and safe in these tough and challenging times..

We hope you have taken the necessary precautions to take care of people you are dear to.

Of late, we have been receiving a substantial number of queries starting with ‘How are you’ and inevitably moving on to

‘DJ when are you having the next Carnival, we are waiting?’

We are overly eager too.

Our stock response has been ‘When it is safe to do so’

Now what is a good metric to determine the safety factor?

Opening up workplaces private and Government, even if at 50% capacity, flights, trains, could be one of the metrics.

Now we have decided to go ahead with preparations, and that begs the question.

‘Where should the next Carnival be held?’

We asked all folks who called or queried, this question.

All of them, without any exceptions, said in one voice – GOA!

So thats that and we too felt Goa was the ideal place for the next Carnival for more than a few reasons.

  1. For the last few months since March 2020, 24th March to be precise when the Government of India launched a nation-wide lockdown to combat the Corona Crisis, mobility, travel and social interactions have been severely restricted. Not to mention the learning, networking and bonding that typically happens at most get-togethers. And with good reason too.. So, extreme isolation fatigue.
  2. Goa is the go-to destination of choice for most Indians. Not to mention the ubiquitous foreign travelers. Goa lends itself beautifully as the perfect holiday destination for most people in India. A place for relaxation with the family, backpacking for individuals or a group of friends, visit some dingy bars on a secluded beach for a few chilled ones, hog on some lovely street food, and more.
  3. The Government of Goa, via Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s statement published on 5th October 2020, clarified essential points to make entry and stay at Goa simple, relaxed and enjoyable.. Details here – Not to mention the 650 bars throughout Goa that have opened up. Hic.

We have some exciting stuff at the Goa Carnival this time around.

For starters, the usual culprits.

Discretionary Trading Strategies

Algos Based Strategies

And for the first time at the Carnival, ever, CRYPTOCURRENCY!

Now, Cryptocurrency needs its own chapter.

Falling down the Cryptocurrency rabbit hole is a life-changing experience. Be careful, though: once you enter the world of crypto, leaving is nearly impossible

The makers of Eagles must have retrospectively had this in mind when they wrote the ‘Hotel California‘ song.

Learning about Cryptocurrency changes one’s perspective on life in a profound way. Even if one is not actively involved in the crypto world, one will still view things through a different perspective.

So whats in it for you at the Goa Carnival?

Apart from the strategies on equities/derivatives,, the following on Cryptocurrencies..

  • – Primary differences between Trading Equities and Crypto
  • – Why should you trade Crypto? What are the significant advantages?
  • – Mining. Leveraged positions. Margin Requirements. Fiat, Wallet. Faucet. Altcoin. AML. AMM. MCAP & More.
  • All Crypto terms explained in exhaustive detail.
  • – Are Cryptocurrencies legal to trade or invest in India using conventional banking methods?
  • – How do you sign up to trade Crypto?
  • – Different ‘Coins’ under Crypto are available to trade. How do you decide which one to trade?
  • – How do you choose a good platform to trade? Which Exchange?


Rekha and I will be visiting Goa for a recce to finalise a property shortly.

For capacity planning, logistics and choice of venue, we need to know the numbers and hence please tell us your interest in participating at this Carnival at Goa.

Interesting titbit : One of the properties we checked out from Bangalore is located between a river and the beach. Interesting!

Please share your inputs on twitter ( @traderscarnival ) email – [email protected] or on whatsapp at 7019278486.

Dates – 28 – 30 January 2021

Location – Goa

Format – Residential, as always

And of course, all previous participants get the regular loyalty discount.

Group discounts also available.

Look forward to meeting you all at Goa in Jan 2021.

Stay safe!

With Best Personal Regards


Founder & CEO – Traders Carnival