Speakers at Traders Carnival over the years

 Speakers at Traders Carnival over the years

The first edition of Traders Carnival was held on 26th October 2012.


I now realise that we have not properly thanked all those speakers who have spent time with us, shared their expertise, ideas, and brainstormed with all participants and their peers.

S0, first things first.

From the bottom of our heart, we thank you, speakers!


I also realise that most of them are also great human beings, with a great sense of humor, who like to spend time with family and those with whom I would happily share a story or two over a beer or lunch.

Traders Carnival wouldnt be what it has evolved into today without the active participation of all of these people.


Some of them are – This is not an exhaustive list.

Traders Carnival

Deepak Shenoy, Kapil Tandon, James Dalton, Gaurav Bissa, Amit Shet, Amit Gulecha, Rishikesh Singh, Rohit Srivastava, Sandeep Jain, Govind Jhawar, Vishvesh Chauhan, Vivek Mashrani, Rishi Umrania, Naveen Swamy (aka Spec), Rolf Schlotmann, Moritz Czubatinski , Vikram Murarka, Vashishtha, Brijesh Bhatia


Investors Carnival


Prof Sanjay Bakshi, Sameer Arora, Ayush Mittal, Jatin Khemani,




So, how do we choose whom to invite as speakers at Traders Carnival?

Short answer – Very Carefully


Well, thats not a punch line nor an attempt at humor.

Long Answer:

We do take this aspect very seriously given the fact that over 30% of attendees right from inception in 2012 are repeat participants and are always looking for new content, fresh ideas and great networking opportunities at every Carnival.



Sharing some experiences that have happened of late.


People sometimes call me or message me with requests to come on board as a speaker.

‘DJ, I want to come as a speaker at the Carnival. I can speak about Point and figure, Harmonics, Ichimoku, Elliot Wave, Sunny Leone.

Okay, scratch the last one.

I ask the usual questions about their trading performance, worst drawdown over the years, sharpe ratio, etc and what kind of documentation they can provide as part of the due-diligence process.

During this time, I would have approximately understood the communicative and presentation skills of the caller.

While most have been forthright in sharing the necessary details, some have hesitated while some have outright refused.

The last category is the freeloader who is looking to get visibility for free while using the Traders Carnival Platform as a stepping stone to proving some training or ancillary services. Even while I tell them there is a provision for them to get the desired visibility and branding for a commercial consideration. But no.

‘I am not interested in sponsorship or partnering’

They want it for free


Well, we see all types.