Crypto : How I doubled my money in 20 days without getting rugged (scammed!)

 Crypto : How I doubled my money in 20 days without getting rugged (scammed!)

Yes, #DYOR


I have been researching new projects in Crypto for a few months now. Started in Oct 2020 in fact.

Nearly 10 hours of research a day and I dont think I have even discovered where the iceberg is.


During the course of my research, I recently came across a project which I was almost certain was a scam and that I would get rugged. I even checked with my good friend, preferred blockchain researcher and favorite Crypto F1 Key Pradeep

Pradeep was convinced too that this was a scam.

I then re-read the documentation on the project, including the whitepaper, the use case scenarios, investors and the code via SMEs.

Fast forward to 2nd Feb and FWIW, I took the first step and dove right in on an ROI based Matic staking project. I invested 500 Matic having mentally prepared myself to say goodbye to it and waited.

And on day 10, when I tried to withdraw rewards, the magic happened and I was able to withdraw my funds on the first try. Metamask and the platform said something like ‘withdraw succeeded’ And again on day 20, today, the 2nd withdrawal went off successfully without a hitch.

I then found 5 other projects which have a higher compounding factor and proceeded to reinvest the profits from the first project into these. Will know the results of this in 28 days time which is the staking interval. And will share details about the project subsequently when I am in the ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ category that I have not been rugged. And I plan to do a deep dive into these projects and how one can discover them on one’s own, during my presentation at Goa in the first week of March.

Please do your own research, this may well turn out to be a ponzi scheme or a scam at some point in time subsequently, where early investors are paid off by investments from later entrants.

After all, if a scheme is too good to be true, it prolly is.


I plan to conduct a late night workshop on all things crypto including how to identify new projects, launchpads, due diligence, etc.

And I have spoken to Pradeep to join me in the workshop we jointly plan to conduct on setting up metamask, crypto bots, and everything in between.


As for the project I mentioned above, please use the following link to invest *AFTER* you have done your own due-diligence and research. I invested in this project after my research and suggest you, the reader, do this as well. And of course, put in the money you can afford to lose.


I am unsure if the link above works, if it doesnt, please leave a comment and will rectify that.


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After all, we have the highest quality content for all those topics shared by the highest caliber traders from India. Who constitute the Cream of Indian Trading Talent. 6 days, by the beach.


Look forward to catching up at Goa soon. Safe travels.

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