Announcement – Traders Carnival | Goa |16th Edition

 Announcement – Traders Carnival | Goa |16th Edition


As part of the recce for the next Traders Carnival Conference, Rekha and I landed at Goa on 14th November 2021. Yes, I know, it is exactly 9 months from Valentine’s day and all that, just showing I am good at Maths 🙂 not a sly attempt at humor or innuendo. Okay, no more PJs from DJ. God Promise.


The Recce


We visited several properties, some for the second/third time and tried to get good commercials. Convinced that the hotel would give us better pricing given the fact that we were giving them more room nights due to our new format of a 6 day event, we were rather surprised that prices were going north, when we received the first offer.

Now the first rule of negotiations is to flatly refuse the first offer made.

This was made amply clear to me by my former manager and Mentor, Mr. Uday Singh, an impossibly brilliant and skilled negotiator, years ago. He is from Bihar and a BITS Mesra Alumni.

Keeping within the framework, I proceeded to negotiate with the hotels here at Goa and made gradual progress.

And we were finally able to land a deal (yes, we could have done better) with a property we have come to love given the huge positive feedback provided a good number of people who attended the Goa Carnival last.


yes, It is the Alila Diwa, A Hyatt Property.

This picture tells a story about the resplendent nature of the property.

Surrounded by lush green fields, an infinity pool, large rooms and suites, multiple dining venues, a spa & fitness center, a kids’ club (Of interest to those who are planning to attend the Carnival with their family) and an array of local experiences coupled with bespoke service.



So what do we have for you at Season 16 of the Carnival?

We have lined up the following for you when you visit Goa next March.

The highest Quality Content on both Equities and Cryptocurrencies

The Best Networking and brainstorming Opportunities over 6 immersive days

Build your Trader network of over 250 Traders from India and abroad

Explore business opportunities with others within the 6 day window which should be adequate

Get easy access and special offers to cutting edge tools, resources

Sundowners followed by late night partying by the beach. Unlimited beverages, Lovely Goan Cuisine, a professional DJ (not me!) Karaoke. Unleash the hidden party animal in you apart from showcasing your singing skills! 2 Nights on the beach are planned for this event.

Progressively, we will have about 20 Super Traders sharing their strategies. Brainstorm with them over 6 days. Over breakfast, lunch, dinner. or all of them. It just cant get better, can it? 🙂

So, DJ, what are the dates you ask?


March 6 to 11, 2022. Format – Again, Residential.

The Carnival, where the days are long and the nights, longer.

The Venue – The Alila Diwa Resort, South Goa, India


Come, join us for the biggest Carnival in 9 years yet, an exciting 6 day experience that could transform your trading and lead to financial independence.

After all, the goal finally is to ‘Do what you want to do rather than what you have to do’

Welcome to the method. and the madness.


With Best Personal Regards


Rekha and DJ

Founders – Traders Carnival