Why should you attend the 6 day long Goa Carnival in 2022? Or, what’s in it for you?

 Why should you attend the 6 day long Goa Carnival in 2022? Or, what’s in it for you?



I am Dharmaraj Janakiraman (DJ) Founder & CEO at Traders Carnival.


During the recently concluded Carnival at Hyderabad in October 2021, I had a series of interesting conversations with a few participants, speakers and friends.

The topic of those conversations centred around the format and the duration of the Carnivals that started in 2012 on a cold October morning in Bangalore.

Why a 3 day format DJ, is what I was asked. I thought of various aspects here like travel, convenience, ideal timeframe required for networking with between 200 and 300 people over that period, budget, etc.


And then it came to me (thanks much Mani and Jackie for this idea) that when people travel long distances – Some traveled over 3600 kilometres from the North Eastern states – a 3 day pay out seems less value for money and such folks would be significantly benefited if we were to add more content, more networking and brainstorming opportunities instead, over a 5 day week which obviously would include the LIVE Trading MasterClass.


Another critical feedback that was quite common among participants is that since the event generally started with LIVE trading on the expiry day, the audience was generally in the dark about strategies deployed by the Speakers on Stage and it would greatly benefit all if the sessions started a couple of days earlier to explain those strategies.


We listened, and acted on it and we will now start the next Carnival on a Monday where all LIVE Trading Experts will share and discuss their strategies in detail and interact with the audience.

More details on the Carnival will be shared in a subsequent post. Details such as dates, duration, the two options of attending the 16th Edition of the Carnival at Goa.


And please note the new dates of the Carnival.

March 6 to March 11 2021.


Mark you calendars, get set to travel to Goa for what could be the biggest Carnival yet.


See you at Goa next year


With Best Personal Regards



Dharmaraj Janakiram

Founder & CEO Traders Carnival

twitter – @tradersccarnival

email – [email protected]