March 2, 2020

And the Jaipur Carnival gets better…

We are delighted to  introduce at Jaipur, the incredibly gifted  S Ranganathan, a 30 year veteran in the markets, adept and extremely skilled in picking potential mid cap multi baggers.

At the Carnival, Ranga will showcase a customised strategy to enable those who wish to park a part of their profits into mid caps for the short to medium term.

This strategy will be via a combination of Fundamentals and technicals – Fundamentals to screen good stocks and technicals to time entries and exits.

Like we said, Jaipur just got more interesting

Icing on the cake : Best of Both Worlds –  An AMA session (Ask Me Anything) with S. Ranganathan and Gaurav Bissa! 

As the Hash war cry goes, ON ON to Jaipur!

3 days to go!

    Dharmaraj J"> Dharmaraj J