Rishikesh, a 30 year old whizkid from Jaipur, underwent losses in the markets for 6 straight years from 2009 to 2015 where he turned things around dramatically by following an ADX based strategy with Position sizing and Risk Management tenets. It is easy to see why he would talking about these three topics in detail at the Jaipur Carnival. Takeaways for attendees – Traders can learn and internalise from Rishi’s experiences and lessons from his failed attempts.

Speaking for the first time, Rishikesh Singh, a popular trader from Jaipur who tweets using the handle @Rishikesh_ADX follows Price Action, Moving Average & ADX to find high probability trades with proper risk management and position sizing.

It is great to have local Trading Talent from Jaipur share his experience in the markets, strategies, Trading soft skills. One could interact with him during the entire 3 day event.

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