Kusal Kansara – Aggressive Options Trader via Algos

Kusal is based out of Mumbai but Jaipur is a second home.  Started out as a discretionary trader and now has set up Algo based trading systems. He is instrumental in architectural modelling, testing & optimizing algorithmic trading strategies. Kusal has also build trading infrastructure for algorithmic trading systems and contributed towards the development of execution strategies. He has created various proprietary indicators and statistical models to generate alphas that outperform the benchmark, beating the market volatility. At the Jaipur Masterclass, what would be of specific interest to you as a trader? To learn from Kusal how he has set up his systems to generate about 10% monthly returns – approximately – (on a friends and family based Prop fund of about 400 Cr INR.)

Since Kusal does selling also (although not aggressively, like expiry day trading). he does not   discriminate between buying and selling, but generally speaking his buying to selling ratio is 80/20 ( so more of buying)
Kusal has lived in Jaipur for a few years.

Listen to what you could take away from Kusal at Jaipur this March.

  • Understanding the person behind the Trades:
  • Kusal has worked in various capacities with the last one being with Societe Generale GSC as FX Strategist, Cross asset research.
    He is  a voracious reader Loves to debate on macro-economics
    Prefers single malt with cohiba anytime –

The last point should be good fun as part of the late night sessions at Jaipur!


Come, learn from a discretionary trader turned Algo strategist how he has managed consistency in his trading over time during the  residential event. Spend time with Kusal and other experts over breakfast, lunch, dinner over the 3 days.. or maybe all of them.


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