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Deepak Thakran

Speaker Brief Intro:

Deepak, popularly known as @indian_stockss on Twitter and quite popular there too,   is a trader by Passion and a Computer Science Engineer by qualification. His life revolves around his family and that is where he finds his happiness. He trades out of this village on the outskirts of Delhi and this gives him a lot of quality time to spend with his family. 

His motto in life is to  stay happy  and not to wait for anything more than this, because one should never postpone enjoying life with family and friends in exchange for earning money

Speaker Trading Style :

Deepak is a full-time trader, and belongs to the elite group of professional traders increasingly seen these days who trade  for a living. He trades only Intra day and mostly stocks. His trading style is reactive trading i.e. He lets the market do its own thing and follow the market rather than predict what will / should happen. His primary (and only) tools are Market Price behaviour and market participants behaviour.  He follows simple trading with almost no indicators. Even though he takes  only Intra-day trades. he does not do more than 2 trades in a day. He waits like a hawk till he sees his trade trigger and then punches for his customary high probability trades.

Common traits seen in most professional traders, Deepak included:

  • – Their focus and study leading to  their trades based on their curated strategy is amazing, intense  and follow a process
  • – With very few exceptions, they are good conversationalists, great to connect with, and are passionate about discussing their strategies and market experiences with an audience.
  • – Almost all of them keep their work product extremely simple

Come to Jaipur this March to meet Deepak and other successful professional traders, spend 2 nights and 3 days with them over an extended, intense weekend. Could arguably be the best investment of your time this year towards becoming a better and more consistently profitable trader.

Why? and what is the upside of this? 


Well, successful trading   sets you free.

Free from time pressures, free from having to listen to a boss, and the financial freedom to celebrate life and travel whenever and wherever you wish to.

 See you at Jaipur this March.

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