Speaker Announcement – Sivakumar Jayachandran


  • Speaker Announcement – Sivakumar Jayachandran

    • Prior to his entry into the capital markets, Siva was an entrepreneur in the health care Industry where he ran a company with 800 employees
    • He is an NISM certified professional for equity derivatives and has been featured by Moneycontrol as a Star Trader in October 2019. He was interviewed on the sidelines of the Carnival at Goa in August 2019.
    • Belongs to that rare breed of Traders in India who has been consistently profitable buying options over the years.
    • Siva manages an account of Rs 1.5 Cr capital *buying* options with a approximate monthly ROI of over 10%. A lakh of INR a day in profits buying options is not unheard of with him.
    • At the Jaipur Carnival this March, Siva will take you through his ultra simple options buying strategy,  , ideal entries, stop losses to set, and exits. Get to know his strategies. and his secrets.
    • There is an interesting story as to how Siva learnt about computers, improved his typing skills which was to later be one of the key dots connecting him to be an Ace Scalper. Find out these interesting titbits and life experiences when you meet  him at Jaipur this March.

    Till then, we leave you with an extremely well written post about Siva by our digital partner for the third time, Moneycontrol


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