Jai Bala

Every once in a while we come across a Trader who is truly special. Whether in exceptional Market Analysis, Charting skills, professional assassin like Trade execution competencies or an ability to combine all of these and articulate in a very simple and lucid manner.


We are happy to share that Jai Bala, Professional Trader, currently residing in Singapore is uniquely qualified for all of the above.


I spoke to Jai on phone on a couple of two hour phone calls, and confirmed for myself he is all of the above and must be a presenter at the TCx Masterclass at Coimbatore this December.


So, here is a brief description of Jai, who,   while traveling the world, has engaged as a Professional Trader with a few global outliers. And are thrilled that Jai will be visiting Coimbatore to present and spend time at the Carnival.


Presenting the quietly competent and impossibly brilliant Jai Bala at the Carnival.


Jai is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment UK and a Certified Financial Technician.


 At various times he has been a consultant to Singapore’s richest  Individual, a multi-billion dollar private fund, and has led the technical analysis desk for one of India’ s biggest financial firms. A global macro trader, managing his family’s private capital, he has  been trading for a living since 2002 and approaches markets from an unadulterated technical perspective . The Elliott Wave model is his principal analysis tool for his screening techniques on global indices, commodities, FX and bonds.


Jai is an extremely patient trader and can wait for weeks and months before he gets his big fat pitch. In 2016, he made 70% of the year’s earnings, after having waited for 2.5 months, in just one trade with a holding period of just 2 days.


 Tennis, music, movies, political history can be good ice-breakers and good starting points if you want to strike a conversation with him.at Coimbatore. Jai tweets at  @cashthechaos



Register here to join the Carnival at Coimbatore this December. And welcome to the chaos and madness. And also to some insane learning and networking!



Have a lovely Sunday all!

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