November 9, 2019

Weekend ramblings

A lazy Saturday morning in the village.

A few observations about specific interest in the upcoming Carnival at Coimbatore this December.

While Traders have, over time,  typically  been writing options, this time around, we have seen increasing interest in options buying. This could be due to several reasons.


  1. Less capital outlay for trading
  2. Better risk-reward with lesser capital deployment
  3. They see and hear about traders who have been consistently buying options with phenomenal success

This December, we have invited 5 professional Traders to the bilingual conference who primarily buy options. They have finely honed their craft, tweaked their processes and come out trumps. List of confirmed speakers here.

And while we had primarily planned this bilingual event for Traders in and around Tamil Nadu, we are pleased to see that folks from outside – Delhi, Mumbai, Surat and other locations register to participate in the Carnival.

One challenge for them however is their inability to reach on the 19th morning to be part of the Live Expiry Trading Masterclass owing to either inconvenient flight connections, or for Mumbai folks, the work on the runway which limits flights take-off during mornings.

At their request, we have made a provision for them to stay overnight at the same hotel where the Conference is being held, at added cost.

Having said that, we are extremely happy to see local participation – from Coimbatore, Chennai, Tirupur, Erode and nearby places. And from Hyderabad to boot.

We welcome all of you who are interested in options – buying or writing, futures, trend following strategies, or what have you.

In short, those who are interested in learning how to be constantly profitable in the markets from 5 Professional Traders  who have ‘been there, done that’

So what do we have for you at the Coimbatore Carnival this December?

  1. Live Expiry Trading Masterclass on Thursday, 19th December 2019
  2. Explanation of Trade setups as they trigger, by our experts
  3. Interactive explanation of their respective strategies
  4. Scalping and Intraday Trading Techniques
  5. Fireside Chat with all speakers – Free wheeling discussions into the night. Yes, the Carnival is again residential
  6. Make new friends with Traders from all over India with geographical caveats and stay in touch  with them after the event too. Whatsapp and Telegram are almost free.
  7. You get instant, tangible and actionable takeaways to apply in the markets right away!

Not surprising is the fact that our previous participants are the first to register for this event who look to learn newer techniques and network with their friends from over the years at previous Carnivals.

To join the Carnival, register here –

See you in  Coimbatore this December and have a lovely weekend!

With Best Personal Regards


    Dharmaraj J"> Dharmaraj J