New Initiatives at Traders Carnival

As part of the New Initiatives outreach program, Traders Carnival is looking to conduct conferences with seminal Trading Experts at different towns in India in bilingual format. The conferences conducted at Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bangkok since 2012 onwards have been well received.

Moneycontrol has featured us with a comprehensive coverage of the Carnivals in August 2019  here

We felt that eager Traders from  non metro locations too need to have access to some of the best Trading talent in the country and abroad to  learn cutting edge Trading techniques and how to trade them consistently and profitably over time.

To this end, to start with, we are, progressively, rolling out conferences in the following locations…

a Coimbatore

b Raipur

c Surat

d Indore

e Ahmedabad

f Mysore

Participants at these events can expect to hear, learn from and interact with some of the best traders in the country and abroad.

Those interested in participation at these locations are requested for a show of hands by filling up the attached form.

If you wish to propose names of speakers we welcome you to do so. If you wish to propose your own name as a speaker too, please reach out to DJ on email.

The calendar of events shall be rolled out subsequently and shared with those who have reached out via the contact forms.

Brokers, Sub-brokers, Franchisees and Authorised Partners from the mentioned locations and elsewhere who are interested in association with Traders Carnival conferences   are invited to reach out for a mutually beneficially association. Do reach out, and we would be happy to  share details on how.

It is high time Trading as a profession got its due, even to the extent that at some point in time, banks line up to give out loans to professional Traders, which they shy away from presently. And it is our passionate endeavour to make this happen. Amongst other things.

Baby steps of course.

Thank you, have a lovely day ahead. 

With Best Regards



One of the many interactive sessions at the Goa Carnival in August 2019

The ubiquitous group picture at every Carnival. Taken on the picturesque sun kissed beach in Goa Whatay!

The Carnivals brought to you with a lot of love by Rekha and DJ

Thrilled to have @moneycontrolcom partner with the Carnival. Look forward to more engagement with those nice folks going forward.


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