Sanket Gujjar / Intraday Trading
Sanstocktrader he is popularly known on twitter and SM,  lives in Baroda, is in the oil and gas sector, actively trades all trading instruments for the last 7 years.
And This – He belongs to that rare Trader species – Is a *Consistently Profitable* intra day Trader.
At Mumbai this May, he will cover two topics
1. Long term trading using Aroon indicator 
2. Intraday trading using VWAP strategy 
(2) gives some hope to persuade him to share his intraday strategy during live market hours on 25th May 2018, a Friday
Apart from the markets, like most Indians, Sanstocktrader loves cricket and plays the game too. Virat Kohli is not likely to get an inferiority complex owing to San’s batting