Jegathesan / Options Writing

At Traders Carnival TC2018 this May at Mumbai, meet the Whizkid Trader, software pro Jegathesan from Chennai (his friends call him Jegan) who has delivered a fantastic 100%+ returns over the last 12 months.
An ace Trader, he has won a trading challenge 9 times continuously.
Prefers expiry day trades, over 90% of his expiry days have been hugely green.
Loves running, reading motivational books, blogs about his analysis, views and strategies. Has been trading for 5 years, looks to give up his day job soon at at IT Major and take up trading full time.

At Mumbai this May, Jegan would provide the following takeaways.

FNO Data Analysis
b. Positional Options Strategies for various market conditions
c. Intraday strategies in options for expiry and one day before expiry
d. Various adjustment methods
e. Risk Management and Margin Management for option selling
f. Trading psychology for option selling.

It is likely we may also have his mentor, P.R.Sundar on stage together 🙂