CA Rudramurthy B.V / Trading Systems

CA Rudramurthy B.V. is a Chartered Accountant and a holder of 5 master degrees in the area of finance and control. He is a qualified technical analyst who holds a CFT Level-1 degree, from IFTA, USA. His PMS funds have delivered over 120% returns for its investors in the year 2018 and his trades done from 25-9-2017 to 25-10-2017, using the system of RUDRAOLOGY has converted a capital of  Rs.50,000/- to over Rs.30,00,000/- recording a return of a  whopping 5913% in a month. His quotes on markets are regularly referred to by Wallstreet Post, Money control, Reuters Poll, Bloomberg wire, Economic times, Business today and many more. He comes often on CNBC TV18, ETNOW, BTVI and other business channels as a guest speaker expressing his views on Capital markets and financial areas. 

With over 15 years of enriching practical experience in trading, at #TC2018, CA Rudramurthy unveils his 10 step process for making money in trading, He believes it is just not the best Trading System which is enough to make money in capital markets but along with it right risk management, Leveraging, Position sizing, Trade Edge, Trade Execution etc are all critical for successful trading. He always believes an ordinary trading system with an excellent risk management is far better than an Excellent trading system with an ordinary risk management.