Speaker Announcement – Gaurav Bissa

  New Speaker Announcement : Gaurav Bissa Gaurav is one of the finest Chartists, market readers and analysts we have seen in the Country. He has made Trend Following his forte and unequivocally, has been a master practitioner of his finely honed craft for over TEN years.  And is back at the Carnival by popular […]

Kapil Tandon

Kapil Tandon – Trader and  Entrepreneur, Delhi Kapil is undeniably, the Czar of Nifty levels. And is back at the Carnival as a speaker by popular demand.  His levels are unerringly and painfully accurate and Jaipur would be a great opportunity to spend three days and learn from him. He is a great communicator to […]

The Pink City Beckons. Registrations now open! The TCx Masterclass at Jaipur.

In a few weeks from today, 12 elite traders from all over the country will be at  the Pink City of India, Jaipur. Over three intensive days, some of these seminal Trading Professionals  would trade the markets LIVE in front of a passionate audience, answer questions and share their fine-tuned strategies in interactive sessions. Join […]

The New Year brings good tidings!

Spoiler alert – Long Post! Some info you could use too.     Hello!   We bring good news to kick off the new year.   Over the last 8 years, we have had 12 Traders Carnival Conferences in different cities in India and abroad. Thankfully, we have been covered by national media here, here […]

New Speaker Announcement – Gaurav Bissa

Gaurav Bissa He doesn’t speak much Tamil for a Conference that will be held at Coimbatore. Not even at gunpoint. Not that we have any intent. He doesn’t Trade. Then why on earth would we invite him as a speaker to the Traders Carnival Conference at Coimbatore this December? Read on! Gaurav is one of […]

New Speaker Announcement – Abid Hassan aka ‘Sensibull’

Abid Hassan – aka ‘Sensibull’ Continuing the tradition of bringing exceptional Options Traders to Coimbatore this December, Traders Carnival presents Abid Hassan. Abid completed his degrees from premier institutions in India – NIT Calicut and IIM Ahmedabad. At the age of 25, the whizkid joined ICICI where he worked on their Options book of 500 […]

New Speaker Announcement – Gurumoorthy P Iyer aka Guru

Gurumoorthy P Iyer   He is known as Guru in his circles. Has been a trader from 1991. Calls himself ‘Failure of Failures’ but each failed moment has resulted in an Eureka moment of discoveries His trading concepts are unique, simple, effective and actionable Have seen him in action over the last few months – […]

New Speaker Announcement for the TCx Masterclass at Coimbatore

Jai Bala Every once in a while we come across a Trader who is truly special. Whether in exceptional Market Analysis, Charting skills, professional assassin like Trade execution competencies or an ability to combine all of these and articulate in a very simple and lucid manner.   We are happy to share that Jai Bala, […]

Weekend ramblings

Weekend ramblings A lazy Saturday morning in the village. A few observations about specific interest in the upcoming Carnival at Coimbatore this December. While Traders have, over time,  typically  been writing options, this time around, we have seen increasing interest in options buying. This could be due to several reasons.   Less capital outlay for […]

New Initiatives at Traders Carnival

New Initiatives at Traders Carnival As part of the New Initiatives outreach program, Traders Carnival is looking to conduct conferences with seminal Trading Experts at different towns in India in bilingual format. The conferences conducted at Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bangkok since 2012 onwards have been well received. Moneycontrol has featured us with a […]