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I’m Dharmaraj J. I trade derivatives professionally, and I’m the Chief Organizer of Traders’ Carnival – India’s largest annual gathering of individual traders. Here are some questions that I’m typically asked, and I hope the answers will be enough to explain the event.

Traders’ Carnival is India’s only annual event organized by traders, for traders, with a lot of love. It is a residential program, typically three days long, which offers traders a powerful learning environment, unparalleled networking opportunities, and ready accessibility to speakers, who stay and learn along with the participants.
One lazy Sunday afternoon, five buddies met for a few beers at the old Bowring Institute in Bangalore.

“How are you managing your shorts in Nifty?” asked one, and the group spent the next two hours discussing trading.
“We should do this more often,” said another, at the end.
In 2012, Traders’ Carnival was born and over one hundred traders got together to share their trading experiences. It ended up as a two-day affair, at the Ecumenical Christian Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore. This passionate group would be huddled discussing the markets till 2am, and be ready for a 7am start. Enough beer, now some coffee, please!
There were ten experts, who shared their strategies with the group. Of the original participants, over half continue to trade professionally. We thought, let’s do it every year, and do it in different cities. And that’s how Traders’ Carnival came to be.
In 2013, some 120 traders from all over the country met at the Marriott in Pune. TC, as it was popularly abbreviated, became a three-day residential program.
In 2014, we headed for the beach. Goa! 145 traders at the picturesque Radisson Blue in Cavellosim. 3 days of brainstorming, networking, and learning. Of course, the beer continued.
In 2015, TC had its biggest and widest audience. More than 200 participants from Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities met at the luxurious ITC Maratha in Mumbai. A huge learning and networking experience for all it was!
We asked everyone where should we hold the next edition of TC? The group voted for Bangkok!
For 2016, Bangkok it was! Great locales, quite a few international speakers (btw, even Indian speakers are international speakers at Bangkok, right? :)) And even a private networking cruise (see the video here when AnujSinghal, Stocks Editor of CNBC India interviewed the Traders Carnival Core Team on the ship.

• Anyone who is passionate about markets. But, let’s break it down: individual traders (professional, semi-professional or hobbyists), institutional traders, brokers, service providers and so on.
• Anyone who is starting out, could find mentors at the conference
• Traders Carnival has always been a residential conference - all participants, speakers, Core Team members and sponsors stay at the same venue - This gives a huge opportunity for high quality engagement between participants.

• To be honest, if you think the greatest expression of your talent is in the financial markets, come to TC. It’s truly a celebration of our craft. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn that there’s method to the madness of the markets, and find the right network to support you through your journey.

Traders Carnival conferences, for the last 5 years since inception in 2012 starting one cold October morning in Bangalore have always been residential.

The reason is not too far to seek. Networking, animated discussions and frenzied brainstorming happen between participants starting after dinner, after the last strategy session by speakers have been completed, probably close to dinner time. These discussions go on till 2 or 3 am, followed by a Yoga program at 7 am. Yes, folks coming to Traders Carnival are encouraged not to sleep much during the 3 day conference. And those who miss the Yoga program will get breakfast only by lunch time 🙂

Thus, makes sense to stay at the conference venue to make the best out of attending a conference like Traders Carnival.

And since most of these people meet only once a year, they are encouraged to meet as many people as possible, exchange ideas, contact numbers, email addresses to keep in touch with them. Geography need not be a problem since India has extremely decent Internet connectivity, Whatsapp has started low latency video calling too recently, what more can one ask for?

Yes you can. Thats the beauty of the concept. Traders Carnival, after all, is a community driven initiative, crowd funded, and created by a group of traders who are passionate about what they do and are emotionally invested into providing a holistic world class education and experience for Indian traders.

(Contact DJ for more information on this. Or practically anything else! )

As our motto goes: Learn, Earn, Evolve.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me an email at or call me on my mobile +91 8494-925-324 / +91 70192 78486