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Mr. Mayuresh Joshi


Mr. Mayuresh Joshi, Portfolio Manager

A methodical interpreter of complicated financial information for making informed recommendations

As Portfolio Manager at Angel Broking, Mr. Mayuresh Joshi is responsible for managing Funds and Portfolios with different investment mandates and strategies. Known for his expertise in portfolio construction, asset allocation and performance measurement techniques, Mr. Joshi manages wealth for Angel’s HNI, MNI and the SME clients.
A methodical Mr. Mayuresh Joshi is a champion in interpreting complicated financial information for making informed financial recommendations to different categories of investors. An expert in building valuation and risk models, Mr. Joshi follows a practice of strict adherence to procedures and regulatory requirements. He has perfected the art and science of delivering the above-benchmark returns for clients through intelligent allocation of funds across multiple asset classes, and has been able to do so consistently thorough his ability to identify winners through bull as well as bear markets. He has displayed amazing alacrity in making key decisions in order to ensure superior returns for our clients.
A Company Secretary by training and an expert on Corporate Law, Mr. Mayuresh Joshi has been engaged in building multiple verticals for the Angel Group. He has directed Private, Corporate and Institutional clientele across countries in his career spanning 12 years. With his ground-level understanding of the financial services industry in India and abroad, Mr. Joshi has led a number of Capital Market areas including Financial Planning, Investor Relations and Business Expansion at reputed corporate houses in his career. He has also been associated with Compliance and Sales & Marketing activities for several national-level business turnaround management initiatives in his previous stints.
Mr. Mayuresh Joshi’s experience in building the Asset Management on Institution as well as Advisory sides of the business, along with his innate knack at Fundamental Research – combined with extensive exposure to Advisory and Relationship Management – has won Mr. Mayuresh Joshi many accolades. A keen follower of domestic and international investment trends and investor preferences, Mr. Joshi has also been instrumental in developing and managing Angel Broking’s Internet-trading platforms.
An all-rounder of the financial markets, Mr. Mayuresh Joshi is also the voice of Angel Broking, communicating the firm’s views to the external world. A voracious reader and an affable professional, Mr. Joshi is passionate about Capital Markets and Economics, and his views are valued by the market participants as well as the media. He is much sought-after by the business media and is valued for his views and opinions on the developments in the Indian Capital Markets and on individual investment ideas. Mr. Joshi’s views are appreciated in major industry stories and he has been sharing his wisdom in form of articles to leading financials media in India.
Mr. Mayuresh Joshi is not an all-work-and-no-play Jack either. A family man, Mr. Joshi takes keen interest in outdoor sports like Tennis and Cricket and has been a Bollywood aficionado.