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Scratching the Itch you did not know you had!!

One lazy Sunday afternoon sitting at a friends place over a few chilled beers, we settled down for a fabulous home cooked meal lovingly prepared by his mother. There was a huge spread. The mutton was great and the curry divine! But I left one dish untouched. There was a very aromatic Clams curry that I dared not touch. (They reminded me of snails or something!) But it was a memorable lunch anyway.

I finally tried Clams after about 5 years of this incident.

Damn! I loved them! Absolutely loved them! Cook them anyway and I will come for them!

And, I regretted not trying them 5 years ago.

Clams scratched an itch I did not know I had!

You know the feeling. You have had these kind of reactions too. With food, with people, with places, and with experiences. You are positive you are going to hate (or not!) the person/ place/ food/ whatever and then later, you find out it was the missing ingredient that gave zing to your life.

Traders Carnival was such an experience for me! Seriously, here I was, a small (capital wise) part-time trader, trading tiny quantities of futures, options, commodities and currencies without any connect to the markets  except for the TV channels and internet blogs. Forget about trading for a living, I did not know anyone else who traded at all. Every attempt to bring up the economy or the markets into polite conversation amongst my friends and relatives was met with indifference or something that looked like sympathy. But mostly indifference. Yeah.

So when I happened to chance on a tweet about Traders Carnival, I was underwhelmed. But curious too. So, after a short but power-packed dose of encouragement from DJ (abbreviation of something un-metionable I am sure;-)(Cheers DJ!)) I was on my way to Bangkok!

The planning was fabulous! Cheat sheets for the forms and procedures at the airport / Customs, the concise and precise information shared about the event and the participants, how to contact those travelling to team up etc. Amazing!

Arriving at the hotel, pre-dawn, I was expecting a long wait for my room. But help was at hand by the Traders Carnival team even at that hour. My mind was rumbling “ watch out, these people are crazy enthusiastic”.

Over breakfast that day, I met a few interesting fellow participants. And strangely, they seemed, like normal people! Dont ask me what I expected but I had this image in my mind of Traders (who traded for a living) that was nothing like these folks. They all seemed like genuinely nice guys. Of all ages. And the best thing was you could talk about anything related to the economy or the markets and it was received and countered enthusiastically! I was thrilled! This was going to be great! And then I met the Speakers……

And they were regular folks too….That I did not expect. They were approachable and keen to share their views and knowledge! Happily. No airs, no pretense, no nothing. I mean, these guys were masters but they were willing to sit and talk and discuss their favorite strategies and problems they faced and so much else, I was completely zapped.

And all of this lasted all the days and nights and evenings and even continued after the event! It was a watershed event for me. And it changed me. And my trading.Forever.

Oh yes there was also the main Traders Carnival event with all the talks and presentations and that was wonderful too but that is another story for another day.

I hope that if you are anything like me, this inspires you to also come and discover Traders Carnival for yourself and get involved with a great bunch of independent traders, happy to share their wealth of knowledge to help the less experienced amongst us

Come and scratch the itch you do not yet know you have!!


Just another trader

Participant at TC Bangkok 2016

p.s sorry about the abundance of exclamation marks! I just happen to love them!

p.p.s. extra special – must mention the efforts of Rekha DJ. The smoothener of all wrinkles! Ma’mtusi great ho!

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What shall I say? DJ is on cloud NINE. Honestly Dear DJ we are proud of you. You have given a unique platform for people who like to teach and for us a place to assemble and learn. I am not aware of any such arrangements exists any where in India where people like you have organised such things in past.

You are some thing like in Sanskrit  Na Bhuto [ I am sure] Na Bhavishyati { Cant say with confidence} But yes generally very few people have such ideology and feeling to improve the like minded people across the length and breadth of the country.

Specially when traders community is growing very fast and after making losses they get extinguished you have given Oxygen to people to come and learn.

Nautam Shah

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Hi dj.

No matter how much i stop myself but i have to post this msg to u. Just to thank u once again for bringing me to a very knowledgeable wonderful experience. The least to say, i saw the monday morning screen with a different prospective.

My main objective was to meet ap sir, but with the whole host of participants and speakers that were under the roof, its like i came back delhi as a rich guy with lots of friends and mentors

Secondly, ‘saar’ tc2014 make my attendance as confirm. And take it as my warning that if you dont find a speaker for alternative invstmnts i will torture all for 1 hour. And on a serious note, i have been managing funds for my father for a long time now, and with the adequate amount of education that i have recd, i am confident that i can address an audience for this topic.

And the knowlwdge i have gained..mere 12k ka 120k hogayahai..

My hearties thanks to ma’am and your daughter. And to mahesh and another guy who was their.

Wish you a lot of success for


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I had decided to stay away from replying since I do not like talking to a wall, but since now the well respected Mr. Subhash M has voiced a similar concern, I feel it is my duty to clarify certain things.

This is a long email, but anyone who has followed the previous posts, needs to read the following fully.

(I can argue endlessly about other points, but as we have seen, that will lead us nowhere).

The Anonymous Mr. Kabali who is scared to reveal his identity has cast aspersions on DJ, and hence this reply.

I have been helping DJ even before and during TC2012 by whichever way I could sitting in Pune.

I know the sincere efforts put in by him and his wife, and the sacrifices they made.

When I landed in Bangalore for TC2012 and called DJ, he called me over to his house, and gave directions to reach there.

I took a bus and got down at a spot he had told. Subsequently, I was confused about which road to take to reach his house and I called him again.

He asked me where I was, and told me to wait. After 10 mins, he came on a scooter and took me home. In that 10 min ride, he attended at least 5 phone calls, all related to TC2012.

When we reached his house, I was surprised to see at least 4 people from various parts of India, who had called him on landing in Bangalore, and he had taken them home, like he did with me.

After about an hour, 4 more people landed from Chennai and they too came to his house.

His wife was busy non-stop in the kitchen preparing and serving snacks and tea / coffee to all of us.

DJ then took us all out for lunch at a nearby restaurant, and we came back to his house and were there till 5-5.30 pm.

<strong>We then went to the venue.</strong>

Till then in the 8-9 hours I was with him, he was answering his mobile almost every 10-15 mins (believe this if you want to).

After we reached the venue, the frequency of the calls continued, this time from people who had started landing in Bangalore.

He  was politely giving them the directions to the venue (in spite of the fact that it was clearly mentioned on the web site). Throughout the event, he always hd a a smile on his face, so did his wife.

After TC2012 was over, I was the last person with him and his wife, and I could see for myself the relief on their faces that the event was over (I also might haver seen a tear or two in their eyes). That relief was certainly not of someone making a potful of money; on the contrary, that relief might have been for NOT losing any money – which they might have been worried about.

All the above was only to show the effort put in by him.

As regards the commercial / non-commercial nature of TC, we are intelligent enough to do some basic arithmetics.

I had called the same Marriott hotel in February to find out their charges and they had quoted Rs. 7800 per day (PER DAY), for the stay, all meals and conference hall. The audio-visual equipment was at an extra charge. There are other costs as well.

Please do the math and exercise your brains – is it possible for someone to generate huge profits even if he negotiates with the hotel to reduce their rates by half (multiply that number by 2.5 first). Also add other costs such as T-shirts, bags and other welcome stuff for all participants.

All sponsors are giving only in KIND, in terms of discounts to members for using their service, and no sponsor is paying any cash – (no one will !!). Thus, the question of reducing the costs by being funded from other sources does not arise.

I must admit DJ is a class act when it comes to negotiations, but negotiating with a 5-star hotel to come down to a price so that he can make a huge profit !!!!! I am not ready to believe this.

In addition, he has already paid advance to the hotel (they had asked for 100% when they quoted to me), agreed, they might have reduced their requirement to say 50% advance.

Moreover, this advance is based on a minimum number of rooms to be occupied, if not done, that amount is forfeited.

As I type this, he is busy running around in Bangalore finding a source for good quality T-shrts, after the supplier from Tiruppur ditched him in terms of quality assured earlier and samples sent.

He has no idea how many T-shirts to order and how many bags to order, since the number of particpants is not known (he should not fall short and has to order extra, and keep the balance with himself after the event).

I can go on and on…but I am afraid, CYNICS will never understand or appreciate.

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