Say hello to Thailand, the land of smiles.


If you trade the markets, don’t miss this chance to trade your stories as well.

Traders’ Carnival is India’s only annual event organized by traders, for traders, with a lot of love.

#TC2016, Traders’ Carnival’s fifth edition, is a four days long residential program at Holiday Inn, Bangkok, which offers traders a powerful learning environment, unparalleled networking opportunities, and ready accessibility to speakers, who stay and learn along with the participants. This time, we expect participation of over 400 traders from all over Asia.

This edition will be truly international in character. We have veteran Market Profiler James Dalton from the USA and trading psychology expert and founder of Rolf Schlotmann from Germany as speakers, along with many others from Singapore, Dubai and India. We’ll talk about equities, commodities and currencies, and cover the full range of trading timeframes: day trading, swing trading, and long term investing.

Anyone who is passionate about markets should consider attending #TC2016. But, let’s break it down: individual traders (professional, semi-professional or hobbyists), institutional traders, brokers, service providers and so on.

To be honest, if you think the greatest expression of your talent is in the financial markets, come to TC. It’s truly a celebration of our craft. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn that there’s method to the madness of the markets, and find the right network to support you through your journey.

See you in Bangkok!

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