Feb 2019
The 8th edition of India’s largest Residential Traders Conference begins in
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Traders Carnival Asia’s largest 4 day residential conference

Producing conferences across Indian cities and abroad since 2012, we invite you to join us for the unmatched experience of meeting hugely successful traders from India and abroad, face to face. Only in this dynamic marketplace can you interact on a personal level with highly successful brilliant traders, leading financial services companies, and elite financial domain partners.


Likewise. What is preferred is your ability to look inwards, identify failures, modify accordingly and move on. This is expected to be great learning for the crowd at Goa. Success is not as good a teacher.

At Goa this winter, I would love to see a passionate discussion between @kapil_tandon and @KatariyaPran Both are SMEs in their respective areas of competence and couldn't be more inherently different. Game? 😊 #IC2018

Nice to see this. 30 yo Vijay, a part time Investor from Chennai expects to learn checklists and methodology successful Investors use b4 picking up a stock. He also wishes to learn technical and behavioural skills. Welcome to your first Carnival experience, Vijay. @VijaySabapathy

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Ananth J Acharya
Founder of Applied Elliott Wave

His ability to think in patterns of the markets is unparalleled. Approaching the markets with incisive logic, a deep understanding of the various schools of thought, and an uncanny knack of cracking the most difficult codes, he has found a ground breaking approach to the eternal problem of the Financial Markets – The Trend Reversal Patterns of the Markets.

In the initial years, his indulgence in the markets was akin to average traders going through the ups and downs of the markets. The introduction to Elliott Wave through Robert Prechter’s book ‘The Elliott Wave Principle’ changed the way he viewed markets As he puts it, “I have learned about the market from three ‘R’s – Ralph, Robert and Richard”

In October 2005, a chance observation by his then 13 year old daughter led to the discovery of the First Key (Trend Changing Behavior of the Markets) By then, life appears to have armed him with all the skills required for distilling and formulating the secrets of R. N. Elliott.

His presentation “Trend Reversals in the Financial Markets” has been received with enthusiasm during the World Money Show at Los Angeles in June 2008. Since then, Ananth’s discoveries, called the Golden Keys of Elliott are being applied for successful forecasts of the markets.  He has also distilled the essence of Elliott Wave Theory into the proprietary AEW Trade indicator, giving traders and investors a special edge of capturing fast moves in the markets.

Major success includes calling the top of Nifty and Sensex in January 2008, the top of Nymex Crude, the reversal of Indian Rupee in February 2008, The bottom of 6200 for the Dow Jones Industrials, 9 months before it posted its bottom of 6470 etc. Other recent successful Elliott Wave forecasts include catching the top of India Nifty in November 2010, Germany Dax, Nymex Light Crude, India Rupee, EuroUS$, Shanghai Composite Index, Gold etc. in 2011

Anant has worked extensively with the leading lights of the financial markets. His work with Elliott Wave Guru, Richard Swannell, to develop the world’s only Pattern Recognizing Software, is very well documented and recognized. He has also worked extensively with the World’s Most Successful Traders and Technicians.

His clients span across 4 continents and include some of the wealthiest people in the world. He has presented exciting and informative Workshops and Seminars in New York (2008 & 2011), Los Angeles (2008 & 2011), Las Vegas(2010), Singapore (2008), London (2009), Sydney (2011) and Macau (2011) to name a few.

Kapil Tandon
Chairman at Ushnak Mal Mool Chand and Chairman at Pureideas.biz

Passionate student of Economics, still learning, i believe learning never ends.Technical Analysis is a hobby and a skill that i have been trying to acquire. Every day is a learning experience.Fashion is my bread and butter and fashion designing my fist hobby and strength. Have been in the profession for last 27 years.Ex Regional Director ATMA (Association Of Technical Market Analysts) and Ex Chairman of regions committees of an organisation of technical analysis – What started as a hobby is now a passion and enjoying every bit of it. Gives the opportunity of following the twin hobbies of public relations and Technical Analysis.Specialties: Economic History,Technical Analysis and Fashion Designing.


Chairman at PureIdeas.biz
April 2016 – Present
Mentored this start up of fashion jewellery and contemporary fusion clothing. Exports and retail in particular to U.S.A.
CMD at Ushnak Mal Mool Chand
January 1985 – Present
Managing the brand name Ushnakmal Since 1985 domestically as well as overseas.


Shri Ram College of Commerce
Bachelor’s degree Economics, Business/Managerial Economics, 1983 – 1986
Activities and Societies: Economic History, Economic trends.
Delhi Public School – Mathur Road
Honours, Economics, 1971 – 1986

Amit Gulecha
Professional Trader
Gunjan Dua
Co-founder Euler Capital

I am an options trader based in Melbourne, Australia. The trading approach I create is very much simplistic but mathematically and technically inspired. My fund’s consistently up trending equity curve is driven by the passion I put in my work. Trading has taken away a lot of things from me, things such as emotional volatility, unfocused attitude, and de trop bias, in return it has given me resilience, focus, and happiness.

At the age of 21, I was trading almost every derivate based asset class in the Indian markets. After the fall of 2008, I thought about quitting approximately 5000 times (and that’s a lowball estimate). But despite the high losses, low confidence, mental fatigue and bearish news flow overdose I kept on going. I’m that person. Once I say I’ll do something, it will happen.

Presently, I hold the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) charters. I also am in my final leg of my two master degrees. I am pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA– Finance) and Master of Financial Analysis (MFA – Risk) from La Trobe University in Melbourne. I have been a contributor for Traders planet, have worked as a volunteer for Market Technicians Association (MTA), and am serving as a board member for Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA). I am the co-founder of a Melbourne based hedge fund by the name of ‘Euler Capital’, and co-founder of a Noida based Quant fund by the name of ‘The Multiplier’.

Want to know more about me and my work then you can follow me on twitter @_TheMultiplier

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